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Vodafone Users Can Now Recharge Their Number Without Disclosing Their Number

New Delhi:- According to recent reports, many girls Mobile Number were sold in recharge shops of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in Rs 50 to Rs 500. After which telecom companies are preparing to take an important step. Keeping in mind the privacy of users India's second largest telecom company Vodafone has launched Private-Recharge Mode (PRM) plan. Under this plan, anyone can recharge their number without disclosing their mobile number.

How To Use PRM -

For using PRM service, Vodafone users type private in their message box and send it to 12604. After sending the message you will receive an OTP on your number. Now go to the recharge shop instead of providing your number give the shopkeeper the OTP you received and your phone will be recharged. This OTP has a validity till midnight.

At present, the plan has been launched only for users in West Bengal. Soon this service will be available throughout India. West Bengal, Business Head, Arvinder Singh Sachdeva said - "in order to secure users private information and mobile number company has taken this step".                                                                                                                                                                                 

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