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Smoking A Hookah Can Cause Cancer Early Than Smoking A Cigarette Says Doctor

Smoking a hookah may be more harmful than cigarettes and can cause diseases like cancer much more easily, according to doctors.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one hour of hookah smoking session consists of 200 shots, while smoking a cigarette average of 20 inhalations.
“In fact, secondhand smoke from water pipes can also be a risk to the health of nonsmokers. Contains smoke snuff and smoke from the heat source used in the hookah,” said Amar Singhal , a cardiologist at the Sri Balaji action Medical Institute, New Delhi.
“Hookah involves inhaling a lot of smoke in a short period of time, damage to the lungs is high and can cause wheezing, meningitis and acute bronchitis,” Singhal said.
“In a period of time, can it become cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, lead to low birth weight, lung, esophagus and pancreas. Unfortunately, not many smoking hookah understand the implications, as many people think hookah is not as harmful as cigarettes, “said Singhal.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the snuff causes more than five million deaths worldwide, which is expected to increase to 8.4 million if the situation is not under control.
Doctors said hookah smoking may be at risk for some of the same diseases as cigarette smokers. These disease include oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, reduced lung function and reduced fertility.
Initial symptoms that can cause health problems due to the drastic hookah smoking includes chest pain during breathing and changing the color of sputum.
Sudhir Khandelwal, head of the Department of Psychiatry at AIIMS, said all forms of consumption of snuff, as a hookah, inhale and chewing betel leaves causes a similar chewing snuff hurt.
“A person often begins with hookah occasionally, but eventually become addicted to it,” he told IANS Khandelwal, adding that young people use snuff in any form were more likely to enter active smoking.
“In total, 50 percent of cancers in India are directly or indirectly related to the consumption of snuff,” he said.
Hookahs are water pipes used for smoking specially made snuff it is available in different flavors, such as Apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon.
Although many believe it is less harmful, but the fact is that hookah smoking has many of the similar health risks as smoking.
“Worst of hookah smoking are its effects on pregnant women, who may not be aware that they are inhaling snuff. This puts the child in danger and the child may be born premature, underweight, or having trouble in breathing” he added.
“Compared to a single cigarette, smoke hookah contains high levels of arsenic, lead and nickel. 36 times more tar occurs 15 times more carbon monoxide in cigarettes, like a smoking hookah takes longer and pulls harder, “he observed.

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